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Why This Event?

What's so special about this conference...

Stocks... Bonds... Investments... and Bitcoin... they all are so volatile... why spend time even thinking about events such as this? 


Well simply put in life we take chances and depending on the odds that we face we make choices that could really change our lives and society for the better. Cryptocurrency or any type of new innovative events are the future of your life and society you will shape for the future. 


With the fast growing society, professionals urge you to at least be aware and take in this secret information and knowledge many people don't really know about? People are willing to share their knowledge and experience if people would just listen! So, check it out!

Crypto-Bitcoin & Blockchain Conference (CBBC)

will be taking place as one of the many leading conferences, contributing to the newest and hottest market of cryptocurrency where the next generation will be gathering. The conference will hold top-notch exhibition areas as it is being sponsored by multiple companies. Our attendee list features hundreds of industry CEOs, Policy Leaders and Financial services and enterprise tech executives (VPs/Directors/MDs and above) from countries over the world. CBBC will be one of the first Hybrid-Conference that allows our virtual attendees to interact with global market online via technological setups at the exhibition. While being online, they will be able to easily browse through our exhibits, and as well as see the speakers and exhibition live through their own personal computers. *Read all the way through for registration/contact info & a glimpse of the market research.


CBBC aims to bring the new rising market of the crypto-world in the Mid-Atlantic region to facilitate the formation of relations. The hosting of venue and creating conference & exhibition in the U.S. capital or the metropolitan area promotes more knowledge about Bitcoins and cryptocurrency, in addition to giving newcomers and the next generation the glimpse of the technology and blockchain. The conference will be bringing famous tech keynote speakers, and as well as few local and new guest speakers, adding to the efficiency of providing information to our attendees.

What to Expect?

The two-day conference with 20,000 - 30,0000 sqft of space for both the Exhibition & General Session. Because this is a hybrid conference people will be able to see everything online live. Although, it won't be the same experience as in-person. We are planning to have 100+ Speakers if possible. For that to happen we need to support in numbers and how we want to be educated about the new technology that everyone should be able to use. If you already know a lot, then we have special events for you where you get to share & gain more knowledge with the professionals that are attending this. Never stop learning! Our team is already working on bringing this life to the conference if you have more idea feel free to reach us! Conference with (Everything will be live/online as well)...


  • General Session (All Speakers will have designated time of speaking, but the exhibition will be open all throughout the day).

  • ICOs Stand/Venue 

  • Workshop

  • Documentary/Media Film 

  • Merchandise Table 

  • Online Conference corner + Live exhibition and general session sponsored 

  • Catering Area  

  • Local Bitcoin ATMs  

  • Mining Show


“2017 was a sea change in how the world viewed blockchain broadly. No longer niche, the tech grew to impact real businesses, winning fans the world over who have seen how trust might be reimagined in the digital age. But as usual, the story is more nuanced. The road ahead is peppered with guideposts, signs, bridges and resting grounds that deserve reflection. Bringing together a range of top global experts, from corporate innovators to prominent critics in Review seeks to unpack that larger tale, giving readers top takes on pressing issues and informative outlooks on what might be ahead."


Why Attend?

The market presents the total number of Blockchain wallet users worldwide, from the first quarter of 2014 to third quarter of 2017. The number of Blockchain wallets has been growing since the creation of the Bitcoin virtual currency in 2009, numbering approximately 15 million Blockchain wallet users in September 2017 In 2017, the global blockchain technology market is predicted to reach 339.5 million U.S. dollars in size and is forecast to grow to 2.3 billion U.S. dollars by 2021. Blockchain investment around the globe has exploded, with various regions jockeying to position themselves as hotbeds for blockchain innovation. Early adopters in a variety of industries have taken blockchain from hype to reality, revolutionizing the way business is transacted. IBM, a founding member of Hyperledger, a Linux Foundation project, has engaged with more than 400 clients to apply blockchain technology in their businesses. Citi was one of the first big banks to actually pay attention to the bitcoin and blockchain space. Since then, it has taken a multidisciplinary approach to the technology, exploring ways that blockchain technology can drive efficiencies, reduce costs and create new business models and markets. Holders and users of this technology want to learn more about investment strategies and perhaps launch an ICO for their own coin.

  • Rise of the Cryptocurrency Market  

  • Blockchain is the new future tech

  • Bitcoin is merely the first mainstream manifestation of its potential. (Mare Kenigsberg) 

  • Politicians/Political Involvement in this new technology 

  • Billions of Enthusiasts all over the Globe.

  •  ~ 10k events/year 

  • ~ 120m people attend the conference a year (unique) - Note that we found 60% go to more than one 

  • ~ attendance growing at around 5.8%/year 

  • ~ avg ticket price for tech and bitcoin/blockchain 'conferences' (as opposed to trading shows/expos) is $1500. (our event is a lot cheaper) 

Great news & details into the event!

Our event is going to be one of the cheapest conferences in the entire world. So, anyone from students to old folks can experience the future with us. Being that it's very affordable creates a large pool of newcomers into this new technology. With that said we are going to generally have mix pool and a separate pool for more experienced users, investors, traders, ICOs, Blockchain Startups, and industry representatives.

Get your ticket now earlier than ever with your pledge!

The cryptocurrency world evolves at such a dizzying pace that it can be hard to take in the magnitude of everything that’s happening in bitcoin. In the words of Ferris Bueller, “If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.”  


Interested in sponsorship or exhibition opportunities?  


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