Development +

For those who want simple yet efficient and innovative technology with basic developmental updates and solution

Development X


For those who have a basic foundation of modern technology fields or want partial expert application and development to be implemented



For organizations that require high-end and strict set of required implementation from ground up of application and development to meet their (or their client's) needs.

V   I   P

Min. 2 year contract

The Priority and no scale development with implementing other 4th industrial technology (ie. AI, Bots, Cloud, Deep Learning, and more) with on demand cybersecurity guarantee

Due to COVID19...

virtualization is everything.

The future of our work and daily lifestyle is becoming virtual. Almost every aspect of our lives will be moving online for the safety of our future. Take the necessary steps to protect your home, workplace, and wherever you go simply through your mobile device. At its core, EINC holds in high regard privacy, security, and the prosperity of humanity.

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