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15 Most Important

Investment Tips

Tip 1: Investment should never replace your source of income & you should not put your expenditure, asset, & savings at risk. It’s called “Investment” for a reason. 

Tip 2: Don’t give in to fear and failures
Tip 3: Try different types of small investments and make it diverse, don't go all in
Tip 4: Don’t be caught off-guarded
Tip 5: Know your Bears, Bulls, and when to get out, then getting in.
Tip 6: Be flexible.  Know when to stay still - not invest, especially when the market is volatile 
Tip 7: Take advantage of safety (ex: common stock/dividends/S&P 500)
Tip 8: Follow the trend or news. Do your homework
Tip 9: When the Chiefs (the 1%, rich, big bank/companies) Retreat, So Should You
Tip 10: Beware of Rumors and Hypes
Tip 11: Don’t Expect/aim for more/full return- better safe than sorry (when getting out)
Tip 12: Never be too greedy, Never be too bold and never be too afraid.
Tip 13: Never buy (long) options aka don’t invest on friday

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