12x Portable UV Flashlight Ultraviolet Blacklight to Protect from germs/unknown substances Black, Silver, Blue, Red Option

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Black, Silver, Blue, Red Option

  • It has 9 top-grade UV-induced lamps with a wavelength of 395nm, higher brightness, more uniform output, and more durable aluminum body. Portable.
  • It detects certain unseeable germs/unknown substance on your body or surfaces.
  • Verify currency, driver's license, official ID card, passport, perfect to reveal dry dogs, cat and rodent stains and unfavorable spots that are barely visible to the naked eye. Reveals pet urine in carpets and furniture. Also, great for bath, bar, club, and party moods.
  • When you are hiking, camping, hiking, etc., black light can protect you from dangerous creatures like scorpions.
  • UV flashlight is harful to exposure to naked eye. UV lights are radiation,a lower frequency wavelength than X-rays.
  • The lights are powered by 3AAA battery (no included).
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