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About EINC

EINC is a value-added digital solution consulting company throughout the DMV area. Over the past years, through very strong and steady growth, we have expanded to a strategic digital solution consulting company, giving us the ability to perform a wide range of services. We invest our talents in adaptability and flexibility for the new digital trends of the third software era.

Marketing and Design

Motion Graphics | Live Action Video | Modern Graphic Design | Commercial Video | Search & Display Ads | Data Visualization | Data Analytics and Reporting | Infographics | Competitor Analysis | Online Community | Search Engine Optimization

Project Management

Strategic Communications | Stakeholder Analysis | Design Thinking | Marketing and Outreach | Human Capital Planning | Transformative Strategy | Education Program Development | Business Process Training | Event & Conference Management

Software Development

Web and App Development | Development Agile Building | Remote Desktop Support | HTML/CSS Webpage | UI/UX Design | Cyber Security Solutions | Mobile & App Strategy | SaaS & Platform Integration | Human Factors Engineering

Electronic Investment Network Consulting (EINC) is an innovative tech consulting company that specializes in software development and public relations where we invest our talents in the new era of electronic/digital reality we all must face. 


Our mission is to provide the necessary and personalized digital tools, strategies, and solutions for our partners’ and clients’ success. At our core, we believe that the fundamental meaning of business is when trust goes both ways and where both parties win, which is why we aim towards building a strong network by investing in and serving the right people with the right intentions.

"If your customers love you. Your odds of success are dramatically higher"

- Elon Musk 


We work as a collective team with our clients when tasked with a project. Our group has experts in various fields ranging from software development, design, media, and branding. 


What differentiates us? By investing in our experts’ consultation, our clients gain innovative and technical solutions to the most efficient and innovative methods that fit beyond their needs for the products and services we deliver. If there is any dissatisfaction with our services, we are readily available to address the needs and concerns of our partners and clients as communication is key for any relation.


American author and business owner Donny Miller said, “In the age of information, ignorance is a choice.” Therefore, we make it our duty to provide you with the best information possible. But with the services EINC provides, our partners will never be ignored in this new digital frontier when it comes to the world of Electronic, Investment, Network, and Consulting.

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