"In the new world of virtualization of Tech & Cyber, updates are everything."

"In the age of information, ignorance is a choice."

Our Services

Invest in yourself and your goals with our mobile application, Tryve. 

Tryve to be the best you can be!


Achieve your financial and personal lifestyle goals all the while earning more money by simply investing and carrying out those desired achievements.

Investment Info

Assist and manage fiscal goals with the right AI and knowledge and planning to reach full potential and satisfaction in your financial life.

Gain access to a large database of news, know-how, analysis, and learn to find what works in achieving your goals.

Technology Consulting

Adapt to the fast-changing world by attaining

the most updated software and hardware to aid the operation of your daily lives.

Receive education and professional help to enhance daily productivity and efficiency of individuals and businesses. 

Safeguard against potential threats and vulnerabilities from malicious activity using advanced prevention and incident response strategy online or offline.


About EINC

"Information and Knowledge: Two currencies that never went out in style." -Neil Gaiman

Electronic Investment Network Consulting (EINC) works with individuals, groups, and companies in consulting major issues they may encounter in such a fast-paced world, ranging from cybersecurity, physical security, global trends, investment information and big data, to the welfare of families, friends, and communities.

Our mission is to help individuals and organizations achieve productive functionality, creating an efficient work environment, reducing disruptions to the work process, and giving our partners the best implementations and solutions that are necessary for their lives, as everything is and becoming electronic, from our lifestyle and our daily life in workplaces. That is why EINC believes in investments in electronic fields and cybersecurity to protect and engage in the fast-growing world.

EINC’s honest intentions are being your advisor, guide, and a well-rounded guru containing all sorts of expertise, which will be provided to all our members. If members find dissatisfaction with our services, please contact us to meet your needs.

From the darkest part of the web to the brightest surface of the market, we analyze the cyber grid, electronic investments, and opportunities. With our deep learning algorithm, information, and data gathering and perfecting expert methods we are able not only to use for our consulting and cybersecurity but also to track the growing market. Sharing and advising on any investment topic with our high-value information globally, information that only the 1% elite and the professionals of our experts know. In providing membership to people, we are giving them the opportunity and advantage to take part in the market. Our members will learn to make the most out of this information and knowledge efficiently, without letting any of it go to waste.


American author and business owner Donny Miller once said, “In the age of information, ignorance is a choice”, which has been our company motto ever since. But with the services EINC provides, members will never be ignored again when it comes to the world of Electronic, Investment, Network and Consulting.

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