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Cyber Security


First Ever Crypto-Bitcoin Blockchain Conference

Why This Event?

What's so special about this conference...

Stocks... Bonds... Investments... and Bitcoin... they all are so volatile... Why spend time even thinking about events such as this? 


Well simply put in life we take chances and depending on the odds that we face we make choices that could really change our lives and society for the better. Cryptocurrency or any type of new innovative events are the future of your life and society you will shape for the future. 


With the fast growing society, professionals urge you to at least be aware and take in this secret information and knowledge many people don't really know about? People are willing to share their knowledge and experience if people would just listen! So, check it out!

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About EINC

Electronic Investment Network Consulting (EINC) works with individuals, groups, and companies in consulting major issues they may encounter in such a fast-paced world, ranging from cybersecurity, physical security, global trends, investment information and opportunities, to the welfare of employees, families, and friends. 

Our mission is to improve the individual or organization to its best functional care, leading to most efficient environment of work and preventing any flaws from disturbing the flow or tempo of the process. Giving our partners the best implementations and solution necessary in their lives.

"Equivalent of Yoda – advisor, guide and all-round guru with general to maximum knowledge. Either way our analysis will show there would be improvements, if not... full refund is eligible". 

With our deep learning algorithm and method we are also able to track the growing market, sharing and advising on any investment topic with our high-value information globally. Informations that only the 1%, elites, and the professionals of expertise only knows. We provide the membership to people which allows them to have the biggest advantages in the market. Our members will use this information & knowledge in the good use and not waste and de-value them. This is not ordinary news or Reddit based sharing company. We are not doubting you don't know anything, but can't emphasize enough that knowledge and wisdom you gain from our company is priceless compared to your "membership".

"Information and Knowledge: Two currencies that never went out in style". - Neil Gaiman

From the darkest part of the web to the brightest surface of the market we analyze economic investment opportunities globally and locally for you to see and learn. 

EINC also provides various programs, specially hired team of professionals handle individual cases to provide you the best services and advantage in the economic market. Our special services and programs change over time as the economic market changes. One thing that will not change over time is our private Investment services. With the knowledge and opportunity being presented to our members we have an option for members to rely on the professional help on investing rather than trying to analyze the information into knowledge and trying to implement to the investmentments and failing. Click on the [Tabs] for more information!